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There is something eerie and prescient, and deeply discomfiting, about how Jasraj captures distance, disconnection, the breakdown of something so fundamental it is hard to put a word to.

Staff Picks. Hasan Altaf, The Paris Review

Principles of Prediction is a whimsical, outlandish and wildly original collection of 13 dreamlike stories containing just enough (perhaps too much) truth about the incomprehensible reality of our inner lives and desires.

Review: Principles of Prediction. Saudamini Jain, Hindustan Times

Jasraj is a brave, almost reckless writer, unafraid of going down discomfiting, occasionally absurdist paths in her storytelling. The result is a mesmerising style that is very much her own.

Anushka Jasraj’s mesmerising debut collection revels in the unknowable. Harsimran Gill,

Jasraj takes liberties with form, breaking it into fragments, shifting the voice of her protagonists from the first to the third person, and allowing poetic episodes to come together to create mood boards. It’s a technique that belongs to the great American tradition of Gertrude Stein and Raymond Carver, but tempered with a soul that is firmly Indian.

Lounge recommends ‘Principles of Prediction’ by Anushka Jasraj. Somak Ghoshal, Mint Lounge

At the core of these tempestuous stories are moments of sincere, raw emotions.

Review of Principles of Prediction. Pragati K.B., The Hindu Literary Review

Does Fate Exist? Stories shaped by bereavement, loss and abandonment.

Sharanya Manivannan, Open Magazine

The Short Story Interview: Anushka Jasraj by Jennifer Emelife

Principles of Prediction explores the folds and nuances of human relationships and the various shades and emotions of people in unique situations, all in fluid prose.”

Hia Datta, The Telegraph

“In 13 beautifully spun stories that take you through what seem like fragments of dreams, Jasraj explores love that defies labels and the absurdity of human existence. The stories are unsettling, interspersed with wit and surrealist imagery, and driven by memorable characters”

Telling It Slant. Aruni Sunil, Helter Skelter Magazine

‘Anushka Jasraj on her short story collection Principles of Prediction, and fiction as a channel to transmit abstract ideas.’

Aarushi Agrawal, First Post

The Write Circle Raipur with Anushka Jasraj, March 2021

Author Anushka Jasraj with Somak Ghoshal | Champaca Books, February 2021

The Write Circle Jodhpur, February 2021